Introducing the Critical Studies of AI and Education

The critical studies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a well-established research domain, with a growing research community, at least one journal (Critical AI), various conferences (e.g., ACM FAccT), and a handbook (Lindgren, 2023).

Meanwhile, AI is increasingly impacting on education (AI&ED), with promises of enhancing learning experiences and outcomes (as explored by the well-established AIED research community, journal and conference), and increasing calls for the teaching of AI literacy. 

However, as many of us are aware, all of this raises complex and controversial issues – such as the impact of AI on teacher empowerment and student agency, the ‘personalization’ of education, datafication, data privacy and ownership, safety, biometric surveillance, AIED colonialism, commercialization of education, ethical practices and policy, to name a few.

Yet, while important work is beginning to emerge (conducted by many of you, the researchers addressed in this concept note), the critical studies of AI and education research community is fragmented. 

Pockets of exciting work are happening at universities and other organisations around the world, but there are limited opportunities for us to share ideas, to establish collaborations, or to give voice to our work. In particular, there are no obvious journals, no conferences, and as yet no handbook.

Accordingly, this concept note introduces two related opportunities. First, a one-day online symposiumSecond, we have been contracted (Edward Elgar Publishers) to edit a Handbook of Critical Studies of AI and Education. We would like as many of you as possible to be involved in both initiatives.

This website is for those of us who are interested in addressing this gap.

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